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The world of gambling is filled with twists and turns which one must need to master in order to get the best out of their wagering. There are a host of many games which one can bet his money on and if the person is lucky, he might hit the jackpot with each bet. The casino offers more opportunity than any other field of marketing would offer today when it comes to making serious income in dollars.

This is why you find people of all kind visiting the place because they believe that their alma mater would not let them down. But what if I tell you that aside from the opportunity that the casino offers, there are seemingly more better ways to make money in other gambling games like the popular sports games you know. The sports game today is the fastest growing most patronized gamble game in the world today after the opportunities the casino is offering and it has been projected that in no time the bets accumulated in the sporting wagering sector would surpass that of the casino gaming in the future.

This is why I believe that there is no harm in trying out the sports betting and get the most of the game as you work towards perfection as well. In the continent of Europe today especially in the United Kingdom, the game of betting is mostly done on football matches and through the countless millions of pounds being put on a daily basis in the game, one can definitely see his future before his eyes if his alma mater is right. Well, I am no expert in the field of English football gambling but I see a big opportunity in the horse race betting and I can clearly explain to the reader that you are more likely to make it in the horse race world than in any other betting field, how? By learning the rules and having a good understanding of the game and the way it is played.

There are two categories of stakes to pick from when you want to bet on the horses. The two types of this bets and they are the straight bets and the exotic bets. If you are a starter in the game then I recommend you opt for the straight bet because the wager is easy and the wager is cheap as well. All you need is to pick a horse suited for your bet to either come first, second or even on a third in the race. The smallest bet which you can put in the straight wager is two dollars. The exotic wager which is for the experienced and the experts of the game, is done by you betting on multiple horses all in a single bet.

The exotic wager is normally much more complicated than the straight bet and the bet as well requires a high degree of knowledge in the game to understand what type of horse one can pick for the race that can give him the desired results he wants and also, the exotic wager is much more expensive than the straight wager to enter, this is because they believe that those who would choose to play the game would have had a high degree of knowledge in the game.

How the straight wager or bet is conducted is by five procedures which are compulsory phrases of the game before one can successfully play the game. The first phrase is to bet on a horse of your choice and then you place your hope on the horse that the horse would win the race which you have placed your hope in. the second phase is to place your wager on that horse, you can bet on if the horse would score a first, second or third in the race game. If your horse finishes in the placements of either first, second and third of which you have betted then you can pick up your earnings but if your horse is to fall below expectations then you lose your bet completely.

The third phase is the show, in this phrase you can bet that your horse would either win the horse as a first, second or even third in the race. If you are safeguarding your bets with this hope, then you can clearly expect a higher gamble of winning but the pay which you would have to cash would be lesser than the winner money you would collect or the money which you have placed initially.

The fourth phase is the Across the Board phrase, this phrase happens when you place your bet across the board and you are wagering your horse to be the winner, then all you need do in this stage is to place your bet and show the wager. In this stage, an across the board wager is what is called a straight combo bet, this is because it is a various three-bet win; which is placed, and show all in one game. But in this game, because it is a board or across the board wager, the bet is more expensive than the previous straight wager game.

The reason for this is because it is a combined game and not a straight game, therefore if you used two dollars previously in the normal bet, you would have to use six dollars for the across the board bet, because you would be betting on three horses. In this phrase, if the horses you have done your placements come first, second or third in the race, then you get placed and you show your money. Although, this bet can be profitable I wouldn’t recommend it for a starter because across the board bet can be expensive and it doesn’t give great returns.

The win/place, place/show wager is the last on the list of the straight wager. This wager is somewhat similar to the across the board bets in that in the same bet you are required to do your placements on many horses in a single bet as well. The win/place bet requires that you make placements on your horse to win and at the same time place that if the horse wins you collect all the money and place money again.